6 & 10 kVA TOWER


The Kenjitsu Powersan with 6000 & 10 000VA capacity, meets the need for higher power capacities. It’s a robust UPS designed to protect mission critical applications from power disturbances, including sags, surges and noise. Powersan series has a wide input voltage range without resorting to battery backup, extending battery life and minimizing replacements. And when paired with Kenjitsu UPSmart, you can monitor and manage your UPS with features such as email alerts, history/event logs, battery testing, and remote shutdown.


  • Online double conversion, high frequency with IGBT technology
  • Input Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Output Power Factor 0.9
  • Frequency converter function; 50 to 60Hz & 60 to 50Hz
  • Wide input voltage range, without transferring to batteries
  • Output isolation transformer 
  • Output voltage adjustable; 240/120, 230/115, 220/110, 208 VAC
  • USB / RS232 / intelligent slot communication ports
  • Monitoring protocols SNMP, HTTP, Modbus, Dry Contacts
  • Humidity & temperature sensor capability
  • Additional battery bank port
  • Maintenance bypass switch 
  • Parallel function, redundancy N+X (up to 4 units)
  • Monitoring & control through RS232/USB/SNMPv3
  • Comply with UL1778, FCC
  • Humidity & temperature sensor capability

6 & 10 kVA Rear Panel


1. AC input  hardwire terminal (L1, L2+GND)
2. Additional battery bank port
3. Battery breaker
4. AC output hardwire terminal
5. Cooling fan
6. RS232 communication port


7. USB communication port
8. Emergency power off connector (EPO)
9. SNMP/AS400 intelligent slot
10. Maintenance bypass switch
11. AC Input breaker
12. Parallel communication port



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