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Mini - Data Center


It is an ideal secure and reliable IT infrastructure solution with compact size, low investment cost/benefit ratio. Specially designed for indoor, space-constrained environments, its all-in-one design ensures an efficient data center, deploy your IT equipment and get your business up and running in less than 1 day.



  • Cooling, protection and power backup system with UPS and battery pack.
  • Precision air conditioning, without complex piping (integrated condenser).
    • Top mounting for EB3.5KW and EB5.5KW
    • In-row mounting for EB10KW and EB12.8KW.
  • Integrated Power Distribution Module (PDM), no need for additional on-site electrical work.
  • Modular design allowing deep customization for specific requirements.
  • Fire protection system (optional).
  • Centralized monitoring system (optional).
  • The components that can be included in the Edge Box have national and international certifications such as:



Monitoring system (Optional)

Displays in real time, locally and remotely, all EDGE BOX information such as: cooling system status, temperature/humidity, power status, UPS and door opening, etc.


Optional Accessories

Secure Access Control

Provides total protection against unauthorized access through radio frequency identification (RFID), PIN code and user management system.

Fire suppression module

It automatically detects the fire status of the system and releases the built-in FM200 gas to extinguish the fire. It has early stage fire detection function that sends an alarm before the fire causes any damage..

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