1 – 3 kVA TOWER

PF1K / PF2K / PF3K

The Kenjitsu P-Factor One with 1000 – 3000VA capacity, is the most superior and powerful solution, designed to protect mission critical applications from power disturbances, including sags, surges and noise. The wide input voltage range, distinctive of Kenjitsu UPS, extends battery life and minimizes replacements. P-Factor One offers the highest output power factor of 1.0 to support a maximum capacity of critical loads, and its full-color graphic touch LCD display, makes it easier the manage and control the UPS status.


  • Full-color graphic touch LCD display
  • Input/output Power Factor 1.0
  • Input voltage range 55-150 VAC
  • Frequency converter function; 50 to 60Hz & 60 to 50Hz
  • Charger current adjustable from 1-8 Amp
  • Programmable outlets for critical & non-critical loads
  • Additional battery bank port ready
  • Monitoring & control through RS232/USB/SNMPv3
  • Compliance with UL1778 and FCC
  • Humidity & temperature sensor capability

1, 2 & 3 kVA Tower
Rear Panel

1. Programmable outlets for non-critical loads
2. Output receptacles: connect to mission-critical loads
3. AC input power supply
4. Network/Fax/Modem surge protection
5. USB communication port
6. RS232 communications port
7. Intelligent slot
8. Emergency power off connector (EPO)
9. Additional battery bank port 


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